About Jess Wanderin

Jess Wanderin started on June 13, 2009 as a challenge to myself to see if I could create a weekly comic using the phrase “Why is it that”. I had thirteen phrases at the time and was confident that the other thirty-nine would make themselves known as the comic progressed throughout the year. It turned out to be quite the challenge but a comic a week was created.

After the year was complete, I found that despite low readership, that I enjoyed creating this strip and have continued ever since.

There are a few other characters sporadically inserted into the strip that started off as one-off ideas but sometimes have taken a life of their own:

– Caveman Ed, no relation to Jess, was created to give a humourous beginning to some of the things that are happening to day; doomsday predictions, climate change and so on.

– Emily Star and Randy Buck, friends of Jess, decided to start their own coffee shop and so far they pop in and out of the strip. Not sure where they’re going yet.

– James Johnston is Jess’s great grand-uncle twice removed. A narrow minded conservative by nature, his lot in life is to tell everyone who will listen what ain’t natural in this world.

Hope you enjoy the comics as I do creating them. 🙂


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